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Labour Science Institute was established under Decision No. 79 / CP dated 04/14/1978 of the Government Council. In 1987 the Institute was the Institute of Labour Science tên and Social Affairs and printed in 2002 was the Institute of Labour Science tên and Social Affairs.

Institute of Labour Science and Social Affairs is responsible for the national basic research Institutions and áp research, policy development and serve nếu justifications strategies in the field of Labour, Social Affairs and who have Contributed.

35-year road-building efforts into, the Institute has gradually asserted its position in the system of Institutions of social sciences in our country. The work and research results of the Institute is increasingly more tasks connected with the State management of the sector, the scientific foundation given below for the planning and an implementation of Labor policy, and social devotees in the period.

The process of building and Growth of the Institute attached to the development of Labour - Invalids and Social Affairs, could be Divided Into four stages: pre "Renewal" (since its inception in 1978 to 1986 printing); after renovation 1986-1996 period; 1996-2007 and from 2008 an until now.

Period 1978-1986

In this period, the study Focused on basic research and applications in the fields of printing industry terms of Centralized management planning, gồm theoretical studies, practical experience and research service tính tổng micromanagement, Particularly the State enterprise sector. The study results featured in this period include: research building constructed 11 sets of norms printing unified construction, standard time to compute overall work norm for mechanical processing, construction methods and technical standards of vocational guidance levels Agreed workers and construction workers job categories, methods of Factors affecting analysis of Labor productivity in the Economic unit basis; the business model of manufacturing efficiency, projected population and employment distribution by 2000 ....

The study of International Corporation with the Countries of the Council for Mutual Economic Assistance (SEV), the former Soviet Union Especially print to be strengthened, focusing on the areas to of scientific Labor Organization, Labor norms, wages, ergonomy, ...

The research work of the Institute has served time for policy development, improved management Labor; Helping Businesses to Reorganize To improve production efficiency scientific workers. To date, many studies on norms and standards for technical Labor levels, Labor productivity, ... continue to be added, complete, more scientific research is a good reference for recovery for policy development in the field of Labor.

Period 1986-1996

The years 1986-1996 a turning point in the nhãn research Activities of the Institute in association with the country's reform and renewal of thinking Consistent with the transition from the planned economy, to develop economy Focused multi sector, operating under market Mechanisms, with the administration of the State.

Tasks of the study include the rationale, a new Methodology, to address the pressing nhưng issues in the transition (redundant employees Solving print reorganizing state enterprises, consulting Employment for social workers, policy reform of wages, social insurance, social protection ... ). The scientific topics of state policy Wage policy innovation and innovation for social insurance (SI) in accordance with the Goods economy more positively to the proposal Contributed components submitted to the Government of salaries and social reform (1993); The grant projects have given below the scientific basis of the building of the Labour Law (1995); the study of women and gender Labor, working and working conditionsEND_SPAN environment, social ills helped develop policies for the object of the revolution, social protection policies, Poverty reduction ...

A series of surveys Conducted by the Institute Basically provides multidimensional information system and to Assess the impact of policies and social workers, provides practical grounds to build multiple reports seminars on Labor, employment Providing justifications for the Ministry to comment on the National Resolution VI course, VII ...

The Institute actively cooperates with the local building industry development planning Labor-Invalids and Social many Affairs for the Provinces and economic zones.

In the field of International Corporation, the Institute expanded partnerships with international and multilateral Organizations Bilateral như: SIDA, ILO, Stockholm School of Economics and other international Organizations ..., thereby contributing part facilitates updating the concepts, conventions, international standards in the of Labor and social field. In 1995, the Institute has Become a member of the network of Labor research institute the Asia - Pacific.

Period 1997-2007

In this period, the country Continues to Achieve Economic and social achievements Importance. Tuy nhiên, many social issues is in place, to address theoretical and practical cả. A highlight of this period was the Institute has Chaired or Participated in:

(I) supply bases served Central Conference, the National Congress Party (Ninth, X): the study "Economic Growth with social justice Combining"; Labor policies in the private sector; tính tổng the theoretical issues and practical 20 years of innovation in the field of Labor and Social Service Institutions to complete Socialist-oriented target market in the context of integration economy, economic development and Sustainable rapid.

(Ii) build the strategy and major projects of the sector: the Strategy and Program for Employment and Poverty alleviation periods 1998-2000, 2001-2005 and 2006- 2010;

(Iii) to cung Scientific Evidence for supplementing and amending the laws, Mechanisms and policies to the field of Labor, invalids and social affairs: the Labour Code, the Law on Social Insurance, Law on Vocational Training, ...;

(Iv) the evaluation studies or the proposed change Mechanisms and policies: studies of 40-hour work week; salary structure and state management on wages for state enterprises, non-state sector, the area of ​​foreign Investments, state management of vocational training, rural structure Labor; socialization in of state resources and the criteria for quyết Poverty and poor ...

(V) build the Institute has hosted a number of national reports of Government: 20/20 Initiative for basic social services in Vietnam; an implementation review of the Copenhagen World Summit at the Commitments on Social Development in Vietnam ...

(Vi) Support local and corporations, production facilities implements policy, laws and policies of the sector: planning Labour - Invalids and Social Affairs in the Provinces; vocational training establishments planning to print some tỉnh and cities; Mechanisms develop for salary, technical grade and title management apparatus criteria, review Labor norms; working conditionsEND_SPAN review; ... In a number of corporations and Enterprises.

Period 2008 to present

The central task of research in this period for Implementing the Resolution of the National Party Congress of the Tenth and Eleventh, the Institute has construction of the project Participated print "Some issues of social policy for the period 2012 -2020 (Resolution No. 15 NQ / TW dated 01/6/2012) of the Party Central Committee, the Action Programme of the Government Resolution No. 15 implements large-NQ / TW (Resolution No. 70 / NQ-CP ngay1 / 11/2012).

The Institute has successfully Auctioned research projects of state-04 level in the transition issues Arise mà to market economy and international integration in the fields of Labor, who have Contributed and Social Development and Labor workforce development highly technical market service of national industrialization print Expertise and Modernization; The issue of foreign laborers in Vietnam khi the period of international integration; Building a system standpoint, complete orientation and specific policies Mechanisms and Measures, the Feasibility models and quantitative methods for lập social protection floors định 2011-2020 print; Research diện new expression, movement of the various social trend prevalent in our country Evils print market economy and international conditionsEND_SPAN of integration and the requirements for new policies to manage social Effective Evils.

The Institute hosted vài am also serve to review studies and Sửa laws and policies in the fields of Labor, social and public persons: report "Population Policy, Labour and Family" service schemes Population and Labor policy; the project "Development of Vietnam Labor market by 2020"; study "Relationship lowest wages - average - maximum" print service projects 2011-2015 Wage reform; builds and implements "action plan to Respond to Climate Change of Labour and Social Sector 2011-2015 print" ...).

Institute proactive and coordinated with focal Chaired Agencies in the country drafted a number of research programs in the field of social security (minimum living standards for all Citizens); Research for the Implementation of care policies, protection of children ..

Serving for the strategy and the national program on gender Equality for the period 2011-2020, the Institute Chaired the study as: "Building a system of indicators to monitor and Assess the level of gender Equality in Vietnam", "Social impact of Vietnam women Foreigners marry "... The research results have Contributed revised maternity policies for women workers, from the standpoint of retirement policies Equality World ...

The Institute am also supported the Preparation of the technical report for the Ministry Participated in the Activities of ASEAN (Social Protection Floor Initiative, for the of Vietnam, ASEM Forum on Employment and Social Policy Ministers Conference ASEM LEMC4 ..); Coordinate with the relevant Agencies hosted content "ASEM forum on social safety nets."

The Institute continued to support local Authorities and corporations, production facilities implements the policy, legal, Labor policy, and social person.

Print International Corporation, the Institute has close Developed and Long-Term Cooperation with international Organizations như the World Bank, ADB, UNDP, UNICEF, ILO, UN Women, DANIDA (Denmark), Agency for Cooperation and development of Spain, GIZ, HSF , FES, EVAPLAN (Federal Republic of Germany), Monash University (Australia), University of Nihon (Japan), the Organization for Manpower (USA) ....

In summary , the past 35 years, the Institute has gradually asserted its role as a leading research institute in the field of Labor, social and public persons. Research by the Institute has moved from micro research Into Sectoral policies, macro and more Closely aligned with the mission of the sector. Collaborative research at home and abroad hoạt is increasingly expanding, quality of work is enhanced. Some research work of the Institute has Contributed to Enrich the theory and practice in the field of industry; Contribute to Solving the social problems through Contributions mà Arise to the construction of strategies, Mechanisms, policies, legislation and targeted programs on Labor, social and public persons.

Noting the contribution of the Institute, the Institute for vài years Đã excellent emulation flag and merit of the Ministry; 1997, on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of its Founding, the President of the Institute Đã Labor Medal Third Class; 2003, on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of its Founding, the Institute honored to be Awarded the Medal of Labor Division Two; In 2013, the Institute was Awarded the Independence Medal Third Place.