Cooperation with Ngos


Non-governmental organization (Non-Governmental Organizations, referred to as NGOs) have existed for hundreds of years around the world in many different forms. NGOs ancient origins of which are small charitable group. Criteria for the operation of these organizations as humanitarian aid for the victims of war, disasters and poverty, irrespective of politics and geography. So far in the world, countries have different views on classification and definition of NGOs.
* Some countries treat all institutions of government is not the NGOs;
* According to the laws in some countries, NGOs include entities with legal personality, are not under government organizations like the Institute, private organizations or public or the Fund ... The NGOs which are NGOs profit, was created legally and have legal status under the laws of that country and the law of the country for the headquarters.
* As defined by the UN, NGOs as any other international organization were created not by an intergovernmental agreement internationally, but that NGOs can include organizations with members appointed by the government, provided that such members shall not interfere with the rights to freedom of expression reviews of organizations.