Asean Cooperation

May 12/1997, the 30th anniversary of ASEAN and after the Society has 10 Countries Including Southeast Asia, ASEAN Leaders Adopted documents important, ASEAN Vision 2020 , with the general objective is to trở Association "a concert of Southeast Asian nations, in a community ENGAGED of mutual caring societies ". To implements Vision 2020 ASEAN Summit 6 ( Hanoi, May 12/1998 ) Plan of Action Adopted the Hanoi (HPA) for 1999 to 2004, set out the mà Measures / Activities to Promote ASEAN concrete actions in the fields of politics Cooperation-security , economics, culture, society and external relations. Under the heavy impact of the Financial Crisis 1997-1998 print region, considering general and the ASEAN Cooperation print an implementation of projects trong framework of Particular HPA phase Focused mainly on Rehabilitation and completion in the region and Economic Growth Overcome the Consequences of the crisis social for the Member States.

 10/2003, the Leaders of ASEAN Countries signed the Declaration of ASEAN Concord II (also known as the Bali Declaration II) Agreed to set a target of forming the ASEAN Community in 2020 with three main printing Pillars: Security Community (ASC), the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) and the Community Culture and Society (ASCC); He affirmed mà am also will continue to Strengthen ASEAN and expand relations with external partners, for the common goal of peace, stability that and mutually Beneficial Cooperation in the region. For an implementation and continuation of the Hanoi Plan of Action (HPA), ASEAN proposed Action Programme Vienna Blanket (VAP) for 2004-2010 and the Plan of Action (POA) to build the three Pillars Community politics-security, economics and Socio-culture , an important, mà Initiative for ASEAN Integration component (IAI) to help bridge the development gap with the action plan and ASEAN trong specific projects.